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Tree Surgery / Stump Grinding / Grinder Hire

There are many reasons to hire professional tree surgery services, from large trees that have outgrown their current position to old and diseased trees or just to improve the look of an outdoor space.

Overgrown trees may become dangerous and require attention for many reasons, such as being too close to a property or parking area, they may be blocking light from your home or business or that of a neighbours property, or they may be just preventing you from enjoying your garden in the sun.

At Malfords we fully experienced and equiped to remove or prune your trees using the safest and most appropriate method. Our experienced team take great pride in their work and are capable of handling any type or size of tree, even the big difficult trees in a safe manner.

For any Tree Surgery enquiry, please contact us on 0115 963 3262.


Damaged tree repairs

The removal of dead and damaged wood from any tree is in the best interest of the tree to help promote healthy growth , but also to anyone or any structure within close proximity of the tree as dead branches become weak and have a habit of falling on people or objects beneath the trees! At Malfords, we can safely remove any dead wood ensuring the life and safety of your tree and property in the future.

Tree Felling

Unfortunately, sometimes there is no option but to remove a tree, it may have become diseased and dangerous or simply be too close to a building and could be causing structural problems or it simply may just be in the wrong place and the removal will clear the way for a usable outdoor space to enjoy.

As most felling work is in a confined space, it will usually involve us dismantling the tree in sections to safeguard the surrounding areas. This is a highly skilled practice that we are highly skilled to undertake using the correct equipment and practices.

Stump Grinding and Stump Grinder Hire

Stump grinding may be required to prevent tree stumps from re-growth or to create more usable space. We have the latest equipment and skills to safely remove tree stumps in any situation.

We offer two options for stump grinding, we can visit your property and do the work for you or we can hire out our professional stump grinder as seen on the left, so you can carry out the work yourself. We offer full safety and operating instructions for this piece of equipment. Please call us for hire rates and terms.

General re-shaping & pruning

Trees and their surrounding area can benefit from a professional pruning service provided by Malfords. We can advise on the best method of pruning your trees to ensure the tree can continue to grow in it's allocated space safely and allow light to the ground below to help smaller shrubs and plants grow healthily.

All of our Tree Surgery Services can be provided as a one off treatment or as part of an ongoing contract. We have the resources to carry out work for parks, woodlands, commercial grounds or residential gardens.

For any Tree Surgery query, please feel free to call us on 0115 963 3262.

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